Our Responsibility

Hopefully you enjoy your lunch, however Lunchtime! cannot control the food you receive. Thus, Lunchtime! is not responsible for anything that happens as a result of your trip to a lunch spot.


Lunchtime! stores the following in our database:

  • Your name, email address and encrypted password.
  • A history of the lunch spots you've been to each day Lunchtime! was used.
  • Location information added to lunch spots.
  • Your Twitter username and Avatar Image URL. Avatars may display in chat or comment feeds.
    (if signed in using Twitter)


Some information is publicly visible.

  • If you're in a group, other members will be able to see your name.
  • If you leave a comment on a spot, anyone can see your name and what you said.
  • The names of people who've added themselves to a spot are visible to anyone.
    You can change your name under account settings.